The Villages Eye Institute Offers Breakthrough Contact Lens Designed for Digital Living

The Villages Eye Institute has added a breakthrough contact lens technology to its products line, offering a new lens designed specifically for the daily demands of digital devices on wearers’ eyes.


The new Biofinity Energys™ contact lens, available at The Villages Eye Institute, eases digital eye strain that contact lens wearers experience from using smartphones, tablets and computers. Unlike other lenses, which only address dryness, the Biofinity Energys® lens greatly reduces the feeling of “tired” eyes, a welcome development for many wearers. Biofinity Energys is a monthly disposal product.


The concept of tired eyes is a real physical phenomenon. Because contact lenses sit directly on the eye – in contrast with glasses, which sit a very short distance away – the eye muscles work harder to focus on near objects such as cell phones. Biofinity Energys reduces this muscle strain by adjusting to the different levels of vision correction needed as viewing angles change, which follows the curve of an eye’s cornea.


Biofinity Energys also feature Aquaform® Technology, which attracts and binds water throughout the lens material to retain eye moisture. The result is less blinking to reduce dryness. 


According to a study by CooperVision®, which produces Biofinity Energys, eight out of 10 digital device users agreed that Biofinity Energys made their eyes feel less tired. Nine out of 10 agreed the lenses made their eyes “feel good.”


Improving patient care through technology, in both products and services, is a continual process at The Villages Eye Institute. The central Florida eye care provider further expanded its line of contact lens products recently with the new Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® for Presbyopia lens, which targets digital device users. It enhanced its cataract surgery process with addition of A-Scan Plus Connect®, the single most effective solution for measuring cataracts, calculating sizes and densities, and refining outcomes in cataract surgery.


The Villages Eye Institute serves the ever-changing eye care needs of central Florida by providing state-of-the-art care and ensuring measured outcomes that meet or exceed patient expectations. Its professional medical staff’s expertise is backed by decades of research, education and training. Patient needs are always the guiding force in the clinic’s ongoing pursuit of excellence, using the highest standards of quality and ethical values.


More information is available by calling us at 352-397-2821or visiting the clinic in person.